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Moving into the new apartment / entering university

Mittwoch, Oktober 12th, 2005

I’v been very busy lately and it’s not getting any better ;) Two weeks ago I moved into my new apartment and had lot’s of fun assembling IKEA furniture and getting my stuff on-site. Now that the flat is furnished just marvelous, I’m enjoying it a lot. (However, it will get even better when I get my internet (6 MBit DSL) connection set up ;)) Because of all that, I couldn’t be very active on the openSUSE mailinglists, but I’ll try to catch up with that on the weekend.

Today was my first day at university and it turned out to be fun – ok, there aren’t any „real“ lectures yet, but we are playing a business game called BIZplayer, where we simulate running a business. Our group managed to place first for the 1st round and second for the 2nd round, which was quite satisfactory ;) Now it’s time to party…!