SUSE Linux 10.0 Beta2 / openSUSE in China

As you all might have noticed already, we released SUSE Linux 10.0 Beta2 today. I’d recommend using Bittorrent to get the latests ISOs:

However, if you prefer direct downloads, refer to and/or the Download section on the openSUSE website. Before you report bugs, be sure to check Bugs:most annoying bugs

Note: The delta ISOs that are out there right now are corrupt! The generation of the delta ISOs was defective due to a bug in deltarpm 3.0. We are preparing new delta ISOs as I blog this. As soon as they are available, we will issue an announcement to the openSUSE mailinglist.

This is the first SUSE Linux that includes apt4rpm, however that feature will be „unsupported“. It should be very clear that YaST is and will be the preferred / default / supported package manager in SUSE Linux, but as people kept on requesting apt4rpm over the last few years, we finally made the decision to include it. Actually the next Beta will also include yum (I just submitted yum packages to Autobuild yesterday). If you would like to test yum just now, get the packages from We are working on the ftp trees to include the apt and yum metadata, thus it will be easy to use apt and yum in the future!

That’s it for today, but before I get back to work, let me call your attention to the Chinese version of openSUSE that Novell announced yesterday!

10 Responses to “SUSE Linux 10.0 Beta2 / openSUSE in China”

  1. mm04 Says:

    Why not integrate apt4rpm into YaST? The YaST user interface could hide the difference between the apt4rpm model and the old (current) model from the regular user who does not care for the switch, while exposing advanced functionality to the power user who knows about apt. I don’t know how difficult it would be to convert YaST repositories to also support apt, but judging by the fact that several repositories already seem to do it seemlessly (like Guru at, it shouldn’t be too hard. Best of both worlds?

  2. cthiel Says:

    Well, because YaST already has it’s own package manager (which also uses rpm in the backend) and also has a nice command line interface (y2pmsh). But, it might be an option in the future to teach YaST how to handle apt repositories. For SUSE Linux 10.0 we are already able to handle rpm metadata repositories (that are used by yum, too).

  3. heathenx Says:

    apt4rpm included in future releases of opensuse….YES!

  4. DarkMind Says:

    If someday yast works with apt repositories too, suse will be perfect :D

  5. Anony Maus Says:

    In my opinion, it would be better if Yast would only be a frontend to apt as for example synaptic is a frontend to apt. I see no reason why Yast needs an own package management and why it must directly access the rpm database.

  6. cthiel Says:

    YaST only reads the rpm database, to install packages it just does „rpm –somemagicoptions $package“. Porting YaST to apt wouldn’t make sense at all, because apt does nothing more than YaST does. There actually is a command line interface to the YaST package manager called y2pmsh. In addition to that apt-rpm is dead – the head developer now works on smartpm which looks very promising. Therefore I guess that the atp4rpm stuff will be dropped again quite soon…

  7. Anony Maus Says:

    As you wrote, apt does nothing more than YaST does and vice versa. Why than not just use apt for this and drop the own Yast code. Ok, if apt4rpm ist dead or will be dead soon this would be a reason. But than, the same question why not just base the Yast package installer (the graphical part) on yum or smartpm?

  8. cthiel Says:

    Well, the YaST package manager has been there for a long time as a mature technology in SUSE Linux. Replacing this great piece of software with an inferior solution doesn’t make much sense. By the way, we just added the capabilities to access yum repositories in SUSE Linux 10.0, which renders the usage/porting of/to yum unnecessary.

  9. niwi Says:

    I just tested y2pmsh after reading your comments. As far as I understand apt4rpm and y2pmsh are quiet different. y2pmsh is not more than a command line access to the Yast package manager. This means that it is lacking two important functions that makes apt4rpm so great:
    1. Speed: there is a time-consuming initializing of the installation sources at every start of y2pmsh while I only have to make an „apt-get update“ once a while with apt4rpm.
    2. The simplicity of an upgrade: I could not find a function like „apt-get upgrade“ in y2pmsh.

    It would really be great if Suse could fully support apt4rpm. With a full support I mean that apt4rpm and Yast2 would share the same repositories (CD-ROMs included) and the same cache for already downloaded rpm-files.

    For me it is not really important to if I have to use apt4rpm, Yum or y2pmsh but an upgrade should be as fast and simple as it is with apt4rpm.

  10. cthiel Says:

    There is that kind of functionallity in YaST/y2pmsh – just look out for „isc“ – or „update“, „solve“, „commit“.

    To update you on apt-rpm (note, apt4rpm is something different – it’s just the repo creation stuff): We dropped that package for the upcoming 10.1, but are including „smart“, which is the succesor of apt-rpm (and is beeing developed by the same developer that did apt-rpm some time ago).

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