Off to Salt Lake City

Juni 13th, 2007

Had a great time in Boston. Toured around the city on the weekend, especially enjoyed the Freedom Trail on Saturday, despite the foggy weather. Spent most of Monday and Tuesday in the office in Cambridge — it was great to met with Joe, Aaron, Chris, David and Miguel! :)

Now I’m off to Salt Lake City and Provo. BUT, once I got to the airport this morning, I had to figure that the travel agency had changed my flights, without changing my itinerary on their website and/or notifying me about it. (I’ll really have to talk to them, as soon as I get back to Germany!) Indeed, the flight I was supposed to take had already left at the time I arrived at the airport. So, I was sent to Denver (instead of Chicago), where I’m now stuck — waiting on stand-by, until a free seat gets available on the next flight to SLC. Keep your fingers crossed ;)

Here we go again…

Juni 9th, 2007

It’s been quite a while since I last blogged. Funnily, my last post dates back to my last US trip in last October. But here we go again… right now, I’m sitting on board LH420, on service from Frankfurt to Boston.

The first destination of my ~3 week trip is Boston, where I’m going to stay until Wednesday next week. Afterwards I’ll journey on to Salt Lake City to attend a couple of Rotaract conferences and events! At the end of my trip I’ll get to visit Provo. I’m really looking forward to the upcoming weeks in the US!

In the meantime I safely arrived in Boston and moved into my hotel room, which offers a wonderful view:

Boston skyline at night

Touring San Francisco

Oktober 16th, 2006

Got up at round 7am in the morning. Breakfast at the hotel. Took the CalTrain to Millbrea, BART to SFO. Dropped of luggage. BART to downtown SF, together with Marten Svanfeldt of Crystal Space. Had lunch at an Italian place close to Union Square, great pizza! Went to Fisherman’s Wharf & Pier 39. Took the cable car back. Lunch. BART to the airport.
Check-in & security went smoothly, now waiting for my flight to IAD (Dulles Intl, Washington D.C.).

GSoC Mentor Conference

Oktober 14th, 2006

Last night, food at Amarin Thai was very enjoyable, they just were a bit overloaded with the number of people when we overwhelm them ;)

Got up around 7am, took the shuttle to the Googleplex at 8am. Breakfast at Google. Opening remarks by Chris and Leslie.

First I participated a session on „GSoc Screening Students“, very valuable, session notes can be found here.

Listened to „Google Code Hosting“ talk by Jason Robbins. It seems to be quite ambitious, centered around svn, offers a nice/very flexible issue tracker and you can just cherry pick the parts that you need. Quote: „We are building the hosting environment that we want to use ourselves, based on our experience with OSS projects“.


Attended Ben Collins-Sussman and Brian Fitzpatrick’s „Poisonous People“ talk. Just great! (You can find a nice summary of this that here.)

Stayed in the Tunis meeting room for the rest of the day, to listen to a panel on what Google/GSoc can do to help FLOSS and enjoyed „sticky questions“ afterwards. Closing comments / roundup.

Off to Ristorante Don Giovanni for dinner.

Conclusion: Like Marty Connor put it „many thanks to our hosts at Google for inviting us to the GSoC Mentor Conference, and to all who attended and made it such a successful, memorable time!“. We really had a great time!

… arrived in MV

Oktober 14th, 2006

In short this time: Nice stay at a hotel in Frankfurt, got up early to catch the flight to SFO. Arrived in SFO almost on time. Met Stanislav at the airport. Took the BART to Millbrae, got on CalTrain to Mountain View. Cab to the Hotel.

We are sitting in the lobby right now. The crowd is getting bigger every other minute. It really looks like an energetic weekend ahead ;) Now, off to Amarin Thai for dinner.

Traveling to Mountain View…!

Oktober 12th, 2006

So, somehow I didn’t really spent any time blogging for the last couple of weeks. Sorry about that! I’ll try my best to blog a bit more in the upcoming weeks.

I left Nuremberg this morning, and right now I’m sitting on the train to Goettingen, to attend my grandmothers 90th birthday and seeing family and relatives. Later today, I’ll journey on to Frankfurt. My flight leaves FRA on Friday morning, and it would just be to risky to go to Frankfurt in the morning (well, and I didn’t really feel like getting up at 4:00 in the morning ;)) — so staying at a hotel close to the airport solves that problem. Given planes are on time, I’ll be in San Francisco by noon (local time). The plan is to get on the BART first and then take CalTrain to Mountain View. I’ll stay in the Bay Area until Sunday night, to catch my flight to Washington DC, where I’ll meet meet with some old friends.

Oh, I didn’t tell you why I’m going to Mountain View yet. This is the story: As we have successfully participated in Google Summer of Code with openSUSE, Google has invited two representatives per participating organization to attend the so called Google Summer of Code Mentor Summit. For openSUSE, Stanislav Brabec and myself are attending.

The GSoC Mentor Summits main theme will be evaluating this years Summer of Code and talking about how to improve SoC in the future. It’s also meant to be a forum for an open dialog between different Open Source projects and Google. All in all, I guess this will be an awesome event!

Happy Birthday openSUSE!

August 9th, 2006

Just a year ago Novell launched the openSUSE project! To make it short: We have seen lot’s of excitement around openSUSE and have had a great time pushing the project! I think it’s time to celebrate openSUSE and in particular the community that has grown around it so far! Keep it up!
Oh, and I’m really looking forward to next week when I’ll really be back at work, after my last exam for this term will be over tomorrow :)

SUSE Linux 10.1 takes off!

Mai 12th, 2006

As you all noticed, we finally manged to release 10.1 to the public yesterday. 24 hours after the announcement, we have already had more than 2 million hits at and are working hard on overloading our mirrors now ;) Here are first numbers on the delivery rates of some of our servers: up around ~800-900 MBit, was pegged at 2 GBit, now down to „only“ 1.3 GBit and at some 500 MBit, with peaks at 900 MBit. Once again, many thanks to all of our mirrors!

Roger is providing a comparison between 10.0 and 10.1 DVD9, which ships with the box that will be in stores soon. If you need a more detailed comparison, with version numbers, have a look at this.

7th JufoCongress Hamburg

April 3rd, 2006

The 7th JufoCongress, which took place in Hamburg from March 29th to April 2nd, is over and I returned to Nuremberg yesterday. In a nutshell: It was just awesome!

7th JufoCongress Hamburg, the entire gang

Somehow I didn’t manage to hook up to the internet for blogging, while staying in Hamburg, but took some notes anyway:

  • Wednesday
    I arrived in Hamburg this morning. To get my flight I had to get up very early at 5:45, which was way to early for my taste ;) After getting my stuff to the hotel, I toke the subway to the city center and already took a walk around the city, but because of the bad^Wnice rainy Hamburg weather I’m now sitting in a cafe, relaxing and waiting for the others to arrive later today. Over the next couple of days we will (amonst others) visit the Airbus facilities, Philips Semiconductors and the Max Planck Institute for Meteorology. For a detailed overview
    check out this page. Because of this I’ll most likely be offline until I’ll be back in Nuremberg on Sunday night :)
  • Thursday
    Yesterdays „get to know all the other folks dinner“ was fun, met a lot of interesting people and now looking forward to the upcoming days.
    Got up early to take the ferry to Hamburg Finkenwerder, where the Airbus facilities are located. We were welcomed right at their gateway, attempts to take a picture of a huge screen that displayed a welcome message for us, were cut off immediately by a security guard ;) After walking to the Airbus conference center (the Airbus compound is huge!), we had a presentation / discussion on Airbus in general + were informed about their job opportunities for people like us (mostly students). Afterwards we got a guided tour around the Airbus production facilities. In total it was really impressing to get some inside into the world’s biggest aircraft maker.
    After taking the ferry back to the „Landungsbrücken“, we had the pleasure to visit Gruner + Jahr (Europe´s biggest magazine publisher and the strongest-selling German publisher) and talk to the director of the department for science & medicine for the „stern“ magazine. Discussing topics like influence of the pharmaceutical industry on the media and how they manage to stay objective was very interesting, and so was the tour though editorial department of the „stern“.
    The evening program was great, we went to a musical on the Reeperbahn and did some „social studies“ in a bar afterwards.
  • Friday
    Max Planck Institute for Meteorology in the morning, got welcomed by one of the world’s most famous climate scientists Prof. Dr. Hartmut Graßl. Took a tour though the DKRZ (German High Performance Computing Centre for Climate- and Earth System Research).
    Philips Semiconductors in the afternoon with the usual presentations, tours and a nice discussion on NFC (Near Field Communication Technology), which seems to be quite similar to RFID, even if the Philips folks were denying that (most likely because of the bad security reputation of RFID) ;)
    The night program included a trip to the Hamburg planetarium for a laser & lighting show called „Deep Space Night 2“ and the usual bars.
  • Saturday
    Harbor tour in the morning, lectures on particle physics and neural adaptation in the afternoon. Followed by the anual general meeting of the juFORUM society. The 8th JufoCongress will take place in Göttingen next year, which is really great! As I’m from Göttingen and have lived there for almost 20 years, I’m on the organizational committee for the congress ;)
    juFORUM party in a nice restaurant in Hamburg-Harburg, arrived back at the hotel somewhen around 3-4 in the morning. Started first discussions & brainstorming on the 8th JufoCongress Göttingen in 2007.
  • Sunday
    Up early, after some 3 hours of sleep, to get to the „Fischmarkt“ and a guided tour to the Hamburg city afterwards. Went to the airport to take the plane back to Nuremberg.

That’s it for now, but before I close this posting, I’d like to thank Wolf, Maria, Tiark, Stefan & Constanze for organizing this years JufoCongress! You guys did an anwsome job!

Getting ready for CeBIT

März 9th, 2006

I’m writing this, while I’m on the train to Göttingen, where I’ll stay on night, until I got to go to Hannover and CeBIT tomorrow, to help staffing the Novell booth (esp. the SUSE Linux & openSUSE counter) for the rest of CeBIT.

For those of you who haven’t noticed yet, yesterday I had the pleasure to do the „openSUSE @ FOSDEM wrap-up“ announcement, to release the audio & video recordings, slides and pictures from our FOSDEM participation to the public. The announcement can be found here.

In Göttingen I’ll meet some friends and we will probably visit a theater to see „The Pink Panther“. Oh, before I forget, I also have an appointment with my orthodontist tomorrow to hopefully get rid of the last brackets ;)

That’s it for now — I’m looking forward to meeting & talking to you at CeBIT at the Novell booth G41, which is in hall 1.